Digitizing the Rental Application Process

Our Mission

At rentcard, we believe that digital transformation brings significant benefits to the rental application process. Our mission is to establish a standard for digital rental applications that facilitates a seamless and efficient process for both tenants and landlords.

Our Approach

Our approach involves providing tenants with a simple application creation tool to showcase themselves effectively and increase their chances of securing a lease. Simultaneously, we empower landlords to evaluate data directly from digital applications, make informed decisions, and minimize risk.

Our Services for Co-Living Spaces: POHA House

As a partner of POHA House, we offer specialized services to optimize the application process for potential tenants and minimize risk for landlords. Our offerings include:

  1. Document Analysis and Verification: We analyze and verify the submitted documents of potential tenants to validate their identity and income. This provides landlords with a reliable basis for their decisions.

  2. Screening of Guarantees and Sanctions: We review guarantees and other relevant information to provide landlords with additional security and minimize the risk of payment defaults.

  3. Tenant Rating: We provide potential tenants with a rating based on scoring metrics provided by POHA House. This rating helps landlords make informed decisions about potential tenants.

How We Make a Difference

Additionally, by streamlining the rental application process, we aim to contribute to the prevention of skilled labor shortages. Our efficient process ensures that qualified individuals can secure housing quickly, allowing them to focus on their work responsibilities and contribute to economic growth.

Become Our Partner

If you’re interested in benefiting from our services and optimizing your application process, we would love to collaborate with you. Feel free to contact us for more information or a customized proposal.

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