Credit report: Our evaluation criteria

We would like to provide a transparent overview of the parameters and weightings that we use to calculate our credit report.

Unlike traditional credit agencies, rentcard does not create scorings based on negative reports from financial institutions. The evaluation of rentcard is based on the account transactions and submitted documents of the last 3 to 6 months and therefore gives a very current picture of the creditworthiness situation on the online account of the rental applicant.
The rating shown should never be used in its entirety for the letting decision. In addition to the application documents, the landlord should also form a personal impression of his future tenant.







The rent history is based on the punctuality of your rental payments. The more punctual your rental payments are, the higher your score will be.
Having a liability insurance will give you a higher score.
This score is based on the regularity of your rental paym ents. If you never missed a rental payment, you will get the highest score.





The salary score depends on your overall household net income and is based on German household income percentiles (= share of households below / above a certain salary). The higher your salary relative to median incomes in Germany, the higher your score.
The score is based on the limitations of your current employment. There are decuctions for limited-term contracts or if you are still in the probation period.





The liquidity score indicates the amount of available liquid assets, such as cash, that you have to pay for rent and deposits. To reach the maximum score, your balance should be at least three times as high as your current net income.
The cashflow score is based on the average monthly inflows and outflows from your accounts. If you spend less than you gain every moth, your score will be higher.
The overdraft score is based on your use of your account’s overdraft feature, meaning that your bank balance falls below 0 €. The more you use your overdraft and the longer you use it, the greater the impact on your score.

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